Arianna Huffington Opens Up About Mom Guilt In Powerfully Candid Interview

"Going through pain and hard times is the way we grow."

When it comes to parenting, Arianna Huffington has faced her fair share of challenges. In a candid interview with her daughter Christina, The Huffington Post founder and editor-in-chief opened up about her struggle to become a mother and the guilt she felt as a working parent.

"When I was 30, I still didn't have children, and the man I was in love with didn't want to have children," Arianna revealed. "It started becoming harder."

At 36, she became pregnant with her husband Michael Huffington but ultimately gave birth to a stillborn baby. "There were all these fears because I didn't quite know why I lost it or whether I would get pregnant again," she recalled.

When she gave birth to Christina a few years later, her dreams came true. "I felt that I had wanted this moment for so long," she said.

But parenthood was not always so blissful. As a working mother, "I always felt guilty," Arianna said. "I think that's something which every working mother feels. And it's really horrible because I don't think I would've been happy if I was not working."

Now that her daughters are in their 20s, the mom shared this advice: "Stop worrying."

"Going through pain and hard times is the way we grow," Arianna added. "It's almost like our school is in session. That's the time to learn."

This video interview is part of Christina Huffington's new parent-child interview series, Talk To Me. Watch the full video above to see the powerful conversation, touching on topics from mortality to divorce to 50 Shades of Grey.

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