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Arianna And Dick Armey Disagree About Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity On ABC's 'This Week' (VIDEO)

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Arianna appeared on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday as part of a roundtable with Dick Armey, George Will, Cokie Roberts, Jonathan Karl, and Donna Brazile.

The discussion, naturally, began with Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity.

"Should there be partisanship?" asked host Christiane Amanpour. "Is it an inevitable role of society, a fact of life?"

"The rally was not against partisanship as such," Arianna replied. "It was against demonizing your opponents. He said specifically in his speech at the end -- which I though was magnificent -- of course we'll have animus, of course we'll have disagreement, but we don't have to turn each other into enemies."

"Obviously we need civility," Dick Armey said. "I thought yesterday was fun day. I was quite amused at watching the national comics stand up and decry with such sincerity that which they do every day on their shows. I thought it was so remarkable: 'I want you all in America to stop acting like we do on our show every night with our militant vilification of everyone with whom we have a disagreement."

"Actually, Dick, I don't know the last time you watched the show," Arianna interjected, "but that is precisely what they are not doing."

"What they vilified, in a civil, reasonable way, was the fact that the media has stopped being what they call, what Jon Stewart calls, 'the immunity of our democracy.' And that is something that goes back to Jefferson. The fact that what we choose to do with our magnifying glass in the media matters -- it will only magnify the extremism."


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