Arianna Discusses Her New Book 'Third World America' On Morning Joe

Arianna Huffington went on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning to discuss her newly released book, 'Third World America.'

"I wrote the book for two reasons," Arianna began. "One, because I wanted to issue a warning, while there is still time to turn things around so we never become 'third world America.' And I picked this phrase, which is jarring, because we are in danger. When the middle class is crumbling, which is what's happening right now, that's when we are third world America. Because this country's founded on the middle class."

She went on to discuss the second impetus for the book - to provide solutions, a practical guide for how people can turn things around. "Where we can find common ground is in solutions. Because my solutions are mostly about communities and individuals coming together and doing things to rebuild their lives and their communities."

"Instead of waiting on the sidelines for Washington to do the right thing, let's start doing the right thing."


Later in the program Arianna was joined onset by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) to discuss the middle class and economic policy. Rendell highlighted spending on the war in Afghanistan as a major burden on the economy and misuse of American capital.

"Are you actually saying now that we should basically stop spending that money in Afghanistan and spend it here at home?" Arianna asked him.

"Absolutely," Rendell answered.