Arianna Guest Hosts Squawk Box : Interviews Jim Grant, Nassim Taleb, and Roger Altman, Discusses The New Financial Euphoria

Arianna guest-hosted CNBC's Squawk Box Wednesday morning, joining Black Swan author Nassim Taleb, former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman, and Jim Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer for a spirited discussion about the economy. Watch a selection of segments from Arianna's guest-hosting stint below.

Arianna shares her ideas on whether the economy has a solid foundation:

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary and Evercore Capital Partners chairman Roger Altman provides feedback on former AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre sitting at the driver's seat of GM when the company emerges out of bankruptcy:

Jim Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer on the rebounding of gold prices as central banks around the world print more money:

Black Swan author Nassim Taleb shares his thoughts on how evolution in economic life helps those with the maximum ammount of hidden risks:


Arianna explains how misplaced hope and happiness might bring premature assumptions that the economy is better: