Arianna Huffington, I Need You To Tell The Truth (UPDATE: Arianna Responds)


After reviewing the allegations, our Editor-in-Chief sat down with ET to put the rumors of her "ET" origins to rest. Watch her response below.


You're an extraterrestrial. I know it. You know it.

I'm not trying to expose you, but you have information I can't get from anyone else. I know you work with the Men in Black Suits. And I want to work with them, too. Please help me.

How did I find out? Last night, I received a call into my Men In Black Suits Are Real hotline from someone who asked that I conceal his identity "for the sake of the shareholders." The caller had specific information about The Huffington Post that nobody else could possibly know. And his message was clear.

It all makes sense now. With all you're involved with across the world, I've certainly had my suspicions.

Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Paris. It's obvious you can be in two places at once, and this finally explains why.

The announcement that you are creating a GPS map of the human soul was the last piece of the puzzle.

I need your help, Arianna! Please respond to my posting and tell the world the truth. You're not like the rest of us, and it shows.

People respect you. The world will believe you. You could change everything.

I need you to tell the truth. All of it.

I want to know everything. What planet are you from? What's your real name? Do you have fingerprints? Can you run super fast? How many languages do you speak? Do you hang out with aliens from your home planet? Are there more aliens on TV that we should know about? Why Earth?

And more important than anything, I need to know everything about the Men in Black Suits.

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