Arianna Speaks At The National Association Of Black Journalists 2011 Conference (VIDEO)

Arianna appeared as a keynote speaker at NABJ 2011 on Thursday, highlighting issues currently faced by African Americans.

"I love the conference's theme: the power of now," Arianna said. "It truly is so key, because that power of now, that fierce urgency of now, is precisely what has been missing from our debate."

Arianna added that she believes the media plays a key role in bringing attention to topics affecting the African-American community. HuffPost BlackVoices also launched on Thursday, serving as an online platform to help achieve that goal.

"Remember that famous weekend when Wall Street was in trouble, and everybody -- all the financial establishments, the political establishments -- came together?" Arianna asked. "They threw everything against the wall and they said 'we cannot allow Wall Street to fail.' We've never had that sense of urgency when it comes to African-American issues, and I believe it's up to us in the media to generate that sense of urgency."