Arianna Huffington's Sister Agapi Stassinopoulos Discusses Their Mother's Death

Arianna Huffington stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday to tell the emotional story of how she and her sister reacted when their mother collapsed in her in Los Angeles home. The siblings resisted the urge to call an ambulance and instead let their mother die in the manner she wanted. Today Huffington's sister Agapi Stassinopoulos joined the conversation and shared how she, too, found wonder in the passing of their mother.

"My mother had that sense that she knew her end had come, and she wasn't afraid," Stassinopoulos recounted to HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy Tehrani. "And that fearlessness is extraordinary. And she kind of took charge even of her own passing and knew she wanted to die at home. It was her moment."

The loss of her mother was certainly tough, but Stassinopoulos said the way it happened gave the family tranquility in a time of pain.

"I think it was a moment where time stopped," she said. "There was a sanctity, a sacredness that took place. At that moment, it wasn't sad. ... At that moment, It was calm."

Watch the rest of Agapi Stassinopoulos' conversation with HuffPost Live below.



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