Arianna Huffington Talks 'Sugar Babies' On 'Today' Show (Video)

WATCH: Arianna Discusses 'Sugar Babies' On 'TODAY'

This morning on the "Today" show, Arianna Huffington talked to anchor Ann Curry and psychiatrist Gail Saltz about the phenomenon of young women strapped with student loan debt seeking "sugar daddies" online to help pay their student loan debt.

Referring to HuffPost education reporter Amanda Fairbanks' story on the issue, which ran on HuffPost Women Monday, Arianna suggested that these so-called "sugar babies" are selling themselves to cope with the failure of the American Dream. "You play by the rules, you work hard, you graduate from college. But we have an economy which does not make it possible for them to get a good job and pay their debts."

For young, educated, unemployed women mired in student loan debt, "This is really an act of desperation," said Arianna. One, she added, that "ultimately is going to influence their whole life."


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