Arianna And LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Discuss Science And Spirituality At DLD Conference

At the annual Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich, HuffPost's own Arianna Huffington and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman discussed the clash of science and spirituality, arguing that both are essential for success.

Video of the event can be viewed above.

Hoffman, a well-known entrepreneur and author, said that in order for companies to excel, employees and businesses should both aim to have a positive, transformative impact on each other.

"A business without loyalty is a business without long-term thinking. A business without long-term thinking is a business unable to invest in the future. A business unable to invest in tomorrow's opportunities and technologies, is a company in the process of dying," Arianna quoted from Hoffmann's book on the subject, "The Alliance."

Arianna and Hoffman also discussed balancing technology and deeper connections found within the self. "Because of the over-dependence on technology, we are all having a harder time being with ourselves. And if we are having harder time being alone with ourselves, we will have a harder time developing our wisdom," Arianna said.

The conference on digital innovation ran Sunday through Tuesday in Munich, Germany, and featured notable speakers including Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick, Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, and prominent venture capitalist Ben Horowitz.