Arianna Wonders Why Obama Isn't Focusing On Jobs

Appearing on "Fareed Zakaria GPS" Sunday morning, Arianna called out President Obama for not concentrating enough on jobs. (Watch the clip below.)

"The great thing right now is that he has the public on his side," Arianna said, in a response to a question about Obama's newfound confidence.

But she went on to say that "jobs and growth are not on his agenda," which is "absolutely stunning" considering that his campaign rhetoric depended heavily on "the American dream -- saving it for the middle class." Since being elected, she concluded, his drive on the issue is "nowhere to be found."

One glimmer of hope on that front: Obama plans to focus tightly on jobs during his State of the Union speech.

Arianna appeared with Paul Krugman, publisher Mort Zuckerman, and Ed Conard, a former executive at Bain Capital.