Arianna On Olbermann: 'It's No Use Just Giving Us Happy Talk'

Arianna appeared on MSNBC's "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" Monday night to dismiss the argument that an extension of the Bush tax cuts would boost U.S. employment.

"Our hiring practices have nothing to do with the income or the tax rate of the people who are running the business," she said. "Whether we hire or not depends on demand ... and the problem with the American economy is very similar. It's the demand that is not there, the consumer demand that has sustained the economy for years."

However, Arianna told Olbermann, the way the Obama administration talks about the economy -- as though it has already recovered and the tough times are in the past -- is no help, either.

"We are going through tough times right now. And if they don't start addressing that, it's no use, really, just giving us happy talk, because people who are out of work, losing their homes are not going to believe that."


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