Arianna On 'Real Time': The Middle Class Is Crumbling

Arianna On 'Real Time': The Middle Class Is Crumbling
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Arianna weighed in on the state of the American middle class Friday during an appearance on "Real Time With Bill Maher." Andrew Ross Sorkin was also a guest.

While Maher railed against the show "Undercover Boss" for its condescending prince-and-the-pauper approach, Arianna argued that there's a reason that people connect with the show: it shows people working hard and not being rewarded.

"Thirty years ago, the CEOs that are in 'Undercover Boss' were making 30 times as much as their working people. Now, they're making 300 times as much! We're about to become Venezuela, or Brazil, you know where the people at the top are basically behind they're gates with guards to protect their kids from kidnapping. The middle class is crumbling and that's the country we're going to become... if we don't fundamentally change where we're going."

Arianna explained that the anger driving Michael Moore is the same as the anger felt by those in the Tea Party movement. "It's the anger about that fact that what is happening is not fair, that the fix is in, that the system is rigged, and that people who are working hard are not really getting rewarded. And the people at the top who brought us to the financial brink were actually bailed out by the taxpayers."


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