Arianna On The 'Supreme Irony' Of Obama's Nobel Speech (VIDEO)

Arianna appeared on "The Joy Behar Show" Thursday evening with Behar and radio host Stephanie Miller, where she weighed in on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, Glenn Beck's conflict of interest, the party-crashing Salahis and Tiger Woods's alleged affairs.

Arianna noted the "supreme irony" of President Obama's Peace Prize speech -- a little more than a week after authorizing 30,000 more U.S. troops for the war in Afghanistan, the president stood before the world and described himself as a product of "the moral force of Martin Luther King's non-violent response," she said.

The problem, Arianna argued, is that Obama has still not explained how the war in Afghanistan will make Americans more safe. "[Obama] said then that he is the head of state and therefore he needs to address threats to the American people. And this is really the problem, Joy. He has not defined those threats. There is no way that he has actually explained to the American people why escalating the war in Afghanistan is going to make us... safe. There's absolutely no explanation for that... the danger is in Pakistan and yet we're escalating in Afghanistan. It doesn't make sense. It's really illogical, and that's the fundamental problem."


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