Arianna: Pat Robertson Gives Religion A Bad Name With His Disaster Comments

Arianna: Pat Robertson Gives Religion A Bad Name With His Disaster Comments
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Arianna joined The Nation's Ari Melber and former evangelist Frank Schaeffer on The Joy Behar Show Thursday. The panel weighed in on evangelist Pat Robertson's claims that the earthquake in Haiti is the result of that country's "pact with the devil."

Arianna thinks Robertson is giving religion a bad name. "For anybody of faith, even if you're not God, Pat Robertson is giving religion a terribly bad name, again and again. Remember, this is not the first time. Remember after 9/11, when he blamed 9/11 on the ACLU, and People For The American Way, and gay people. So there's a pattern here of blaming every disaster on something other than what actually happened."

Robertson has not apologized for his remarks, though Haiti's ambassador to the U.S. has attempted to shame the famous Christian broadcaster.

Joy asked if the Republican party would ever be able to shake the religious right and "get back to where it was." Arianna pointed to Rush Limbaugh, and explained that the party's troubles go much deeper than the religious right.

After debating Robertson's remarks, Arianna stuck around to talk about NBC's Conan-Leno war. She didn't take sides, but did say that there's too much testosterone on late night TV--Joy should get a late-night show.

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