Arianna Says Obama's Focus On Wall Street Rather Than Main Street At Root Of Public Anger (VIDEO)

President Obama's support for Wall Street, rather than Main street, is behind the public anger and frustration, Arianna argued on Morning Joe.

She weighed in on the president's job performance during a taped appearance that aired Thursday morning. Obama, she says, campaigned on a platform of change, but instead of real change many of his policies have bolstered the status quo. Now, he is surprised with the results.

"...[Obama], after all, painted a very dark picture of what was happening, a broken system, the special interests dominating everything, and he said yes we can change that. And he also said in Denver, remember, that the greatest risk would be to surround ourselves with the same people, playing the same political game, expecting different results. And then he went into the White House and did exactly that. He surrounded himself with the same political people, you know Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, he kept Gates, he kept Bernanke, he played the same political game and he expected different results and he didn't get them. And in the middle of all that, he basically decided that he was for Wall Street, rather than Main street. The anger is very clearly about that."

David Gregory agreed with Arianna's questions about Obama and the middle class, explaining that it's hard for Americans to see record profits for Wall Street firms while experiencing some of the highest unemployment numbers in decades.

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