Arianna Discusses Sheryl Sandberg And Women At Work On 'Real Time With Bill Maher' (VIDEO)

Arianna appeared Friday on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" to discuss Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg's new book "Lean In," along with the issue of women in the corporate workplace.

On the subject of Sandberg's book, Arianna explained, "Her point is don't let the voices in your head, the obnoxious roommate living in your head, who puts your down, who tells you you're not good enough, the most important thing is to be liked by everybody, get in the way of you doing what you want to do."

Responding to criticisms that have been leveled at Sandberg, Arianna said, "She's not kind of saying, climb up the ladder, you know, be aggressive. This is kind of a caricature of her book."

"The male sex has kind of equated sleep depravation with virility, and working around the clock, and killing it, and crashing it, and all the war metaphors, you know of corporate America...hasn't exactly worked out very well," explained Arianna.