Arianna Takes On The 'Cult Of No-Sleep' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Arianna Slams The 'Cult Of No-Sleep'

It may seem hard to believe that Arianna Huffington -- who just last night secured The Huffington Post's merger with AOL -- has ever gotten a full-night's sleep, but she knows better than anyone the importance of rest.

In the newest installment of AOL's "You've Got..." web series, Arianna discuss the many benefits of sleep and takes the ever-growing "cult of no sleep" to task.

In spite of the abundant research proving how vital sleep is for a healthy body and mind, Arianna worries that sleep deprivation has become a "macho badge of honor" for men and women alike. In our fast-paced world, "sleep deprivation one-upmanship" is routine, but Arianna pleads that this "has got to stop."

It does not matter how high your IQ is, she says; a lack of sleep will continue to hold you back, since "sleep is our ticket to wisdom."

So be sure to get that extra shut-eye to stay healthy, shrewd and an always-interesting dinner companion.

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