Arianna: Can We Start Taking As Good Care Of Ourselves As We Take Of Our Smartphones?

By Sarah Klein

Arianna and Mika kicked off day two of The Huffington Post’s Thrive conference from quite the memorable location: bed.

“When you woke up this morning, did you go directly to your smartphones?" she asked the audience. "If you did, do not judge yourself. We don’t want thriving to be about creating more judgements.”

Instead, she asked, "Can we start taking as good care of ourselves as we take of our smartphones?" Consider the discrepancies: You start to worry and stress when you only have 20 percent of your phone battery remaining, but what about when you only have 20 percent of your own vigor and vitality?

"When I collapsed," Arianna said of her wakeup call, "I must have been below zero battery remaining, but I wasn't even aware of it. We don't even know when we are so burnt out when something bad may happen."

Watch the video above for more about burning out, setting intentions and bringing our full selves to our lives.