Arianna: Steele Might Be Safe In Wake Of 'Bondage-Gate'

Arianna and "Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead joined Joy Behar Wednesday on "The Joy Behar Show" to discuss turmoil at the RNC in the wake of "Bondage-Gate."

Arianna thinks that despite the scandal, Michael Steele is safe at the top. One reason, according to Arianna is that 60% of Americans have never heard of the simulated-sex club debacle. She also believes that Steele's race could help him weather this and future storms.

"The fact that he's about the only recognizable African American in the Republican Party gives him a lot of protection," Arianna said. "Because if they fire him, who is going to be left who is African American to represent the Republican Party."

Asked why Republicans even need an African American representative, Arianna said it's because the party wants to pretend that it's "the party of the majority."

When the debate moved to politically motivated threats of violence, Arianna explained that aggressive rhetoric from politicians like Sarah Palin offers legitimacy to the those who threaten to harm politicians over their votes.