Arianna Suggests Elizabeth Warren As A Candidate To Replace Justice John Paul Stevens On The Supreme Court (VIDEO)

With John Paul Stevens announcing on Friday that he will be retiring from the Supreme Court this summer, there has been much speculation about who Obama might choose to replace him.

"I think the White House would like to do everything to avoid a fight. And I think they're very mistaken if they think they can avoid a fight," Arianna said On ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, as part of a roundtable with George Will, Sam Donaldson, and Cokie Roberts. "I think the president should nominate whoever he thinks is the best and forget this obsession with avoiding a fight because he won't be able to."

In addition to the names being bandied about as possible nominees, Arianna had another suggestion: Elizabeth Warren.

"I think Elizabeth Warren -- especially if we can clone her so she can also run the Consumer Protection Agency -- would be a great nominee. A Harvard Law professor, an expert on bankruptcy law, on many of the ways in which economic policies are impacting the middle class, exactly what the country needs right now, a compelling communicator. A great thing about John Paul Stevens was how persuasive he was, how he could move at least judge Kennedy and give us some of those 5-4 decisions which were so critical."


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