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Arianna Talks Power Of Sleep With Elite Daily

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Arianna joined Elite Daily to talk about her new book "Thrive," and the importance of getting more sleep.

"We've been living under a collective delusion," she says, "where eliminating sleep from our lives is a sort of express elevator to the top."

But with scientific evidence showing that lack of rest can lead to many adverse health effects, she continues, it's time to rethink the role that unwinding can play in our lives.

Arianna's moment of clarity on the subject came seven years ago, when she "collapsed from exhaustion, burnout, and sleep deprivation." She resolved to take better care of herself, and is now a passionate advocate for better work/life balance.

Fortunately, she says, "we have begun to be aware of the problem" in recent years and 35 percent of American corporations, including HuffPost, incorporate stress reduction at the office.

Watch the whole interview below: