Arianna: Tax Cut Deal A 'Complete Capitulation,' Not A 'Compromise' (VIDEO)

Arianna: Tax Cut Deal A 'Complete Capitulation'
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In an interview Tuesday on CNN's "Parker Spitzer" that was abbreviated due to the passing of Elizabeth Edwards, Arianna talked about Obama's recent tax cut deal said that she understood the resulting frustrations.

"I don't consider it a compromise," Arianna said of the plan. "We cannot possibly consider extending unemployment benefits for 13 months as opposed to two years a compromise."

Arianna then characterized the final deal as a "complete capitulation" that was allowed to pass without a real fight. To make matters worse, she said, all of this is taking place while Democrats still have control of Congress, a situation that will change in January.

But the opposition to the White House's proposed bargain was not just coming from Democrats, Arianna noted.

"This is not a question of the base or the left, this is what is in the interests of the American public, what is in the interests of growing our economy."


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