Arianna Shares With 'The Moth': Learning A Lesson The Hard Way

Speaking at an event hosted by the acclaimed spoken-word program "The Moth," Arianna told the story of how an accident forced a life-long workaholic to reexamine what's important in life.

In 2007, Arianna was maintaining a terribly demanding schedule, racing between speaking events, media appearances and touring college campuses with her daughter.

"You know the kind of tired, the kind of feeling of being so exhausted, that you don't even remember what not being tired is like," Arianna said of the time period.

"I was feeling really cold, I went to get a sweater, and the next thing I know I wake up in a pool of blood," Arianna told the audience.

After examinations to determine what had caused her collapse, a team of doctors and specialists presented Arianna with a diagnosis: "Burnout."

As there is no prescription for burnout, Arianna took it upon herself to find a remedy for "civilization's disease." She sought to maintain a healthier sleep schedule and disconnect from electronics, among other strategies to maintain a healthier and more balanced life.

"How the tables have turned, and how deeply and profoundly grateful I am for that," she said.

Recorded July 1, 2014 during the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado at an event hosted by The Moth, a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

Watch video from the event above.