Arianna: 'The Odds Are Against' The Middle Class (VIDEO)

In an interview with Yahoo Tech Ticker on Wednesday, Arianna said that a shrinking middle class is causing America to resemble a third world nation.

She spoke with Aaron Task at the CM Summit, a conference in New York City, on the country's jobless and a growing divide that is turning America into a country with rich, poor and few in between.

"At the heart of America has always been the middle class. That has been the foundation of our democracy...we didn't have the type of envy that has bedraggled so many other countries...because the middle class has always believed they can keep doing better."

But these days, transfers of wealth from the middle class to the rich make economic and social mobility less likely -- and the average American knows it. Some say the American dream has been reduced to luck, with "odds now against people."

So what can we do? First, listen to the stories of average Americans -- stories of sudden job loss and financial hardship. Then, Huffington urges, "find your own Calcutta." Find a backyard cause and craft community-level solutions.

Watch the interview with Arianna here: