Arianna & Tim Armstrong Discuss Merger Of The Huffington Post And AOL On Charlie Rose

WATCH: Arianna Discusses Her Editorial Vision On Charlie Rose
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Arianna and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong sat down with Charlie Rose on Thursday to discuss the recent merger of The Huffington Post with AOL.

Arianna explained to Charlie her larger vision for the future of the company.

She said that "the key here is to remain passionate" and to base reporting "on storytelling rather than just repeating data." In terms of local stories, Arianna stated how important it is "to focus on solutions, rather than just problems."

Summing up the current divide between national and local issues, Arianna explained, "I actually really profoundly believe that at the national level people are losing trust," but that "at the local level, we have people actually finding solutions, using their compassion and ingenuity to help each other."


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