Arianna Explains Causes Of Middle Class Decline On 'Charlie Rose' (VIDEO)

WATCH Arianna: 'Avoidable' & 'Unavoidable' Problems Caused Middle Class Decline
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Arianna appeared on "Charlie Rose" Monday evening to talk about "Third World America," the decline of the middle class, and what it all means for our future.

She explained that the middle class struggles of today have been in the making for thirty years, over both Republican and Democratic administrations. Because of both unavoidable problems, like the decline of manufacturing, and avoidable problems, like the lack of regulatory action and predatory mortgage lending, the middle class has not shared not shared in the major financial gains experienced by those at the top.

Arianna's appearance came on the same day that's David Cay Johnston reported that average wages, median wages, and total wages have all declined -- except at the very top, where they leaped dramatically, increasing five-fold.


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