Ariel Castro's Dogs Being Held By Cleveland Dog Warden

The house of horrors in Cleveland where an ex-schoolbus driver allegedly held three women captive for a decade was also the home of three dogs.

Authorities seized the pets -- one Chihuahua and two that appear to be a poodle-terrier mix --in the arrest of Ariel Castro, WOIO reports.

FBI agents asked Cleveland's dog warden to hold onto the pooches, which were in modest condition with matted and knotted fur, the station reported.

The Chihuahua was found in a car with Castro and one of his brothers on the night they got arrested earlier, a WOIO reporter appearing on Piers Morgan's show said.

The other dogs were inside the home where three missing women and a small girl were discovered on May 6, reporter Ed Gallek told the CNN host.

Investigators searching Castro's home and property previously dug up bones in the backyard that turned out to come from a dog, WEWS reported.

Castro was charged with multiple counts of rape and kidnapping. According to statements from his defense team this week, he will plead not guilty.



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