Texas Cheerleader Shows How To Do 'Invisible Box' Challenge

Trust us: It's harder than it looks.

When it comes to the “invisible box” challenge, seeing isn’t necessarily believing.

The latest internet fad requires people to look like they’re stepping onto an invisible box ― something that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Dontez Hines, a defensive back at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, demonstrated the stunt in a video that went viral this summer.

Since then, others have tried it, but none as effectively as Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader for Manval High School in southeastern Texas, who tweeted out her attempt on Friday night.

As of Tuesday evening, her tweet has been liked more than 285,000 times and retweeted more than 143,000 times.

Olivar also did a follow-up video that is impressive in a different way.

Now others are jumping on the box, er, bandwagon, with various levels of success.

Olivar is offering tips on how to properly do the invisible box challenge ― but follow her advice at your own risk.

“It’s hard to explain, I just keep the leg in the same exact spot,” she told the Houston Chronicle. “The technique, if you want to make it look like [the video], is to bring the other leg higher than the other as if you are actually stepping over a box.”

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