An Honest Discussion About What Happens When A Lesbian Comes Out As Bi

"Sometimes you're gay until you're not. Sometimes you're straight until you're not."

A new video from popular YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella features in a candid discussion about one woman’s journey from identifying as a lesbian to bisexual.

Our culture often only makes room for the idea that someone is either strictly bisexual (if their bisexuality isn't being erased or denied, which it often is) or falsely asserts that a person will always end up gravitating towards either end of the sexuality spectrum after first identifying as bisexual. Lysandre Nadeau’s story, however, involves a somewhat different experience.

“I wanted to make a video showing that it’s possible to recognize your bisexuality from either end of the spectrum,” Scarcella told The Huffington Post. “Sometimes you’re gay until you’re not. Sometimes you’re straight until you’re not. [Nadeau's] story is important because many lesbians aren’t as supportive when we ‘lose one of us.’ Truth is, we’re only losing them if we treat them as we have been ― which is badly.”

Check out the video for yourself about or head here to see more from Scarcella.



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