Why Do Some Lesbians Like Performing Oral Sex On Sex Toys? (NSFW)

Arielle and Amber have answers.

Note: This story and the above video includes language that may be considered graphic and unsuitable for work and other sensitive environments.

Why do some queer women enjoy performing oral sex on strap-ons and other sex toys?

Popular queer vlogger Arielle Scarcella recently teamed up with fellow YouTuber Amber's Closet to answer this question, along with a number of other queries submitted by viewers.

"A straight male viewer asked me 'Why don't lesbians like fleshlights? They are like a vagina on a stick,'" Scarcella told The Huffington Post. "It seems like an easy answer BUT is it? Because we know many lesbians who will suck on their girlfriend's strap."

Other questions address other nuances of sex and sexuality for queer women, including "As a 'stud' am I expected to have my own strap-on?" and "If you're femme but want a femme, should you become butch?"

There are obviously no universal answers to these questions, but check out the video above to hear what Scarcella and Amber have to say about their own experiences.



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