This Lesbian Gynecologist Has Answers To Your Questions About Safe Sex For Queer Women

"Queer women should always get tested."

Popular YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella released a video this week that features a sexual health professional discussing best practices when it comes to safe sex for queer women.

Christine, a gynecologist who also identifies as a lesbian, talks about the different ways that women can engage in STI testing, misconceptions about STIs for women who have sex with women, and the ways in which queer women can have the safest sex possible.

“People think lesbians don’t need to worry about safe sex because we are less likely to transmit STIs,” Scarcella told HuffPost. “People tend to forget that they’re spread by bodily fluids and not necessarily with a penis. Queer women should always get tested ― and if toys are involved they should wear condoms.”

Check out the video above and head here to see more from Scarcella.



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