Arielle Scarcella, Vlogger, Explores Self Confidence In The Lesbian Community

Can you tell a woman's sexual orientation just by looking at her photo?

YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella just released a new video in which queer women are shown pictures of two different women and asked to use their "gaydar" to identify who they think is a lesbian. Scarcella wanted to use this conversation as a point of entry to discuss what, exactly, we are identifying when we "use our gaydar."

The results? Most of the women seemed to attribute their beliefs surrounding the subject's sexuality to what they perceived to be self confidence. Scarcella then explained why, in her eyes, queer women tend to identify other queer women by a certain level of self confidence.

"I think confidence all stems from self love and self worth," Scarcella shares in the video. "By coming out, us as LGBT people have the possibility -- the potential -- to risk losing everything... and in doing so we realize the only truth -- all that we truly ever have -- is ourselves. And that is true self confidence because the only place you can get it is from yourself and you're not dependent on how others value you."

Check out the video for yourself above or head here to see more from Scarcella.