Aries Between the Sheets


My friends, Mars god of all manner of fighting is Retrograde and will remains so until June 29. There are two ways to handle this testy transit: Love or War. The following quiz will help you and any Aries use the passion.

1. Which of the following describes Aries' energy
a. lethargic
b. inconsistent
c. kooky
d. impetuous

2. The taste most likely to turn on Aries is?
a. sweet
b. bitter
c. spicy
d. salty

3. Caressing which area of the body is especially stimulating to Aries
a. feet
b. forehead
c. neck
d. hair

4. Fill in the blanks: Aries' Element_______ and ruling Planet______ are?
a. Fire and Saturn
b. Fire and Sun
c. Fire and Mercury
d. Fire and Mars

5. Stranded on a desert island Aries would
a. shoot up flares for rescue
b. hold a war council with any natives
c. fashion weapons for defense
d. all of the above


6. With an Aries lover you can expect which of the following
a. consistency
b. imagination
c. verve
d. curiosity

7. Between the sheets, your Aries would prefer
a. man on top
b. woman on top
c. standing up
d. lap sex

8. Where would you most likely meet an Aries?
a. Museum
b. Sports event
c. Work
d. Spa

9. True or False: Aries is a leadership, yang sign?
a. True
b. False

10. The best words to describe an Aries temper are
a. seething and vengeful
b. blowing off steam
c. explosive and holding a grudge
d. outburst then over

Enjoy the Fire.

Answers: 1.d, 2.c,3.b,4.d, 5.d ,6.c, 7.a, 8.a, 9.a, 10.d