Arizona Gay Couple And Family Allegedly Terrorized In A Series Of Attacks In Their New Home

An Arizona-based gay couple and their four children are reportedly fearing for their safety after allegedly being terrorized in a series of attacks on their home.

The couple, identified in news reports as Felix Bermia and his partner Roy, say the harassment in their new Gilbert, Ariz. neighborhood has escalated from a series of seemingly innocent pranks to anti-gay graffiti scrawled on the exterior of their home and car, and, most recently, a break-in.

"My children are fearful for their life...since this invasion of our house, I'm fearful for my children's well-being," Bermia told NBC. Though the family has upped the security on their home since the break-in, Bermia added, "What's happening to my family is exactly that: it's a hate crime."

Authorities were quoted as saying the case remains under investigation.

An anonymous poster on Democratic Underground who identifies him/herself as a friend of the couple writes, "Police have been called 9 times -- and each time, Roy and Felix were made to feel as if the problem was their fault for being gay, hispanic, having handicapped children...Roy and the kids are too scared to stay at the house -- and are now staying with his sister."