Arizona Man Arrested For Exposing Himself To Woman In Lady Liberty Costume

It's been a rough couple weeks in Statue of Liberty news. First, we had the US Postal Service model a Lady Liberty postage stamp after the Las Vegas replica and not the New York original-- and now, well, this.

Police say [Kevin Robert] Theriault, 42, of Chandler, repeatedly exposed himself and masturbated in front of a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty to promote the Liberty Tax service in Tempe. He was arrested Monday on suspicion of indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.

The victim had reported to police that for three weeks prior, a man had been stopping outside the center, exposing himself and masturbating while looking at her.

Expecting the man to return, police set up surveillance the afternoon of tax day, while the woman was standing in the parking lot of the business. And sure enough, Theriault showed up, stepped out of his Jeep Liberty and unzipped his pants.

Although we've heard, and to a certain degree accepted those who are sexually attracted to inanimate objects (like this woman and the Eiffel Tower or this guy and a local amusement park ride) it's understood that people need to express these desires privately and obviously not towards people dressed up as inanimate objects.

Police arrested Theriault and he will likely be charged with indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.