Arizona Needs a "Scrooge" Sheriff without the "Bah, Humbug"!

On my way home from Black Friday shopping, I heard on the radio that Sheriff Joe Arpaio landed in a helicopter at the Paradise Valley Mall to announce his crack down at Phoenix area malls. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become Paul Blart Mall Cop on steroids, except Blart was funny. Arpaio wasting millions of dollars is not funny, particularly when the price for a barrel of oil is rising. Who in their right mind during a down economy wastes aircraft fuel and tax payer dollars simply to pull a public relations stunt? Should it not be enough that Arpaio inappropriately spent $99 million?

What's a few thousand dollars more from a person who has been living so long on the dole? Public and elected officials should act more like Scrooge with sound penny pinching ideas, but without the "Bah, humbug" disposition.

Next to the United States' Presidential race of 2012, quite a number of people throughout the nation and the world will have their eyes on a local race -- the election of Maricopa County Sheriff.

The controversy surrounding this non-border county with a population less than Los Angeles, has been in the spotlight for over a decade now. Unfortunately there is no reason for that other than a narcissistic Sheriff who is in constant need of attention.

Change is in the air however, much to the chagrin of Joe Arpaio and his remaining allies. Not until now has Arpaio faced such a battle to retain his position as Sheriff. The people of Maricopa County, Arizona, are now taking a stand, and groups like the National Tequila Party and Somos Republicans are educating the voters on why it is time for a new Sheriff in 2012.

With the downfall of former state Senate president, Russell Pearce, and former Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, the remaining member of the trio hangs by a thread. With less than one year before the general elections, the 79-year-old Arpaio is facing the most highly skilled opponent of his nearly 20 years of campaigning for office. Scottsdale Police Lt. Mike Stauffer, a 29-year veteran of law enforcement will be facing Arpaio for the first time in the general elections as an Independent.

Already activists are lining up and supporting Lt. Stauffer, and word is spreading throughout the County that "a new sheriff is in town," and for good reason. While several groups will not support a candidate for Sheriff directly, they will be working behind the scenes to ensure the current "Mayberry" Sheriff does not see a sixth term in office.

With the latest press release from the Stauffer campaign, Stauffer delivers real solutions, cost saving measures,and above all constitutional standards back to the system. Lt. Stauffer states in part: "I support the Utah and the proposed Arizona Compact, in that they reaffirm my beliefs in the rule of law and the constitutional enforcement of the laws and statutes passed by the legislature."

Stauffer also made it quite clear that "tent city" will be a thing of the past as it has done little to nothing to stop repeat offenders. In place of the "tents," Lt. Stauffer says he will, "replace this facility with a self-sufficient work farm for first time and low risk inmates to learn skills, attend rehabilitation programs and provide food and services to the rest of the county jail system." He will also partner with county business to hire qualified inmates through a work-release program that will help cover their stay and save the taxpayers millions of dollars over the long haul. He goes on to say: "This will have a positive impact on the recidivism rate, as the former inmate will have skills and the ability to make positive choices."

According to West Kenyon, Stauffer's campaign manager: "Unquestionably, this is exactly what we need now, a practical, professional solution to a broken and very corrupt system. Voters are ready for a new non-party politics sheriff. Lt. Stauffer has certainly staked his claim early, filing to run January of 2010, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind he is serious on bringing reform to the system. It is evident with less then one year to the elections there are no other credible candidates for the job or they would have already stepped up to the plate."

Time will tell but there is good evidence that the voters here in Arizona and beyond are demanding professionals, not politicians. We will continue to fight for what is right for Arizona, and the National Tequila Party Movement will stand firm in supporting quality candidates.

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