Arizona, Please Stop Pouring Salt Into DREAMers' Wounds

A question regarding the hiring of two DREAMers posed to members of the Phoenix City Council: "Should 'dreamers' be allowed to work for city?"

Why is it even an issue that Councilwoman Kate Gallego chose to hire two DREAMers with deferred action (DACA) status to work in her office? Why must you probe and question her colleagues about her reasoning behind these two qualified professionals? Why label this as possible "backdoor amnesty?"

The fact of the matter is that Councilwoman Kate Gallego not only ran a stellar campaign in Phoenix, but she surrounded herself with some of the best and brightest talent in this city, this state and this nation.

It's 2014. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the SB1070 tunnel. We rarely hear a peep from former Senator Russell Pearce (ahem, the grandmaster behind SB1070) and the rest of the country no longer refuses to book a flight that requires a layover in our great state.

Why, why, then, AZ Republic? Why must you poke at the wound that is beginning to heal? Why not focus on all the good that has come from these immigration debates and battles?

The fact that these DREAMers are now able to work legally in the United States, come out of the shadows and do what they have wanted to do all along -- contribute to their communities, help their families and better their futures -- is really what we should be focusing on. In fact, we should be celebrating it.

So, to the powers that be at the Arizona Republic, please consider commenting on or questioning those who are actually working to strengthen our state. Stay away from the vulnerability that continues to exist within the "immigration" discussion.

Thank you, Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilwoman Laura Pastor, Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and Councilman Michael Nowakowski for acknowledging that Gallego is entitled to hire any person she feels mirrors the values and principals that this great city prides itself on.

No laws have been broken.

And to those lawmakers who have criticized the DACA program as "backdoor amnesty," really? I mean, really?