Arkansas Marijuana Measure Has Been Revised and Resubmitted for Approval

Arkansas residents that are in support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana for medicinal dedications in their republic have submitted a revised plan to the state's Attorney General.

The new proposal comes on the heels of Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's rejection of the wording on the initial proposal in July.

In order for the measure in question to have an opportunity to attempt traversing the legislative gauntlet of scrutiny, it first must be certified by McDaniel. Once the Attorney General has blessed the general public by granting the measure permission to move forward, then they can begin gathering signatures in an effort to qualify for a slot on the 2014 ballot.

The organization Arkansans for Medical Cannabis' projected ballot measure would leave it up to the voters to resolve whether to legalize marijuana for medical, recreational and industrial dedications.

Stay with The 420 Times to see if Attorney General McDaniel will exercise his pen-wielding hand to approve the measure or choose to reject it once again.