Meet Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (AUDIO)

2011-12-12-ArlineIsaacson.jpgArline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, is the most powerful lobbyist for our LGBT community in Massachusetts. Through her leadership, which spans over three decades, Arline and MGLPC's team of professional lobbyists have made history with one of the nation's first gay civil rights laws, first hate crimes laws, and toughest HIV confidentiality laws. Arline is one of the architects of gay marriage in Massachusetts. In 2003 MGLPC filed the state's first civil marriage bill, sponsored by Rep. Byron Rushing, which was followed by the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders' (GLAD) historic Goodridge victory in 2003, which affirmed that gay couples have the right to a civil, government-issued marriage license in Massachusetts.

In this exclusive audio chat, I talked to Isaacson about Congressman Barney Frank's retirement in 2012, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's flip-flop on gay rights, the lawsuits to repeal DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), Obama's performance on LGBT civil rights, LGBTQ teen bullying and other issues concerning our LGBT community.


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