Arlington High School Bans Dances, Citing Drinking And Inappropriate Dancing

Remember the plot of Footloose? A city kid moves to a small town that's outlawed dancing. Well, the film was loosely based on real-life events and, according to recent news, this old school trend of dance bans is making a comeback at a handful of high schools across the country.

At Arlington High School in Massachusetts, administrators have banned all official school dances because an increasing number of students have been drinking and dancing inappropriately at functions on school property. Due to a growing number of incidents involving students drinking at dances in the past couple years, the school made students suspected of drinking take Breathalyzer tests. However, students still found ways to sneak in alcohol. School officials have also expressed concerns over students' dancing being too sexual.

This is just one of a number of high schools that are putting similar restrictions into place. This month in Indiana, students boycotted the Sadie Hawkins dance and organized their own alternative event in protest of the school's requirement that students sign a contract which reads, “I will dance in an appropriate manner. No ‘grinding.’" The students refused to sign and ditched the dance. Also this month, two high schools in Montana threatened to cancel dances if grinding continued to be a problem.

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