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Arlo Guthrie Endorses Ron Paul

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God says max out for Mike and save this great land. Arlo Guthrie sings Paul's praises. Celebrate Superbowl Sunday by dialing for Hillary. Buy a shirt and vote for Mitt.

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"Max Out for Mike" scheduled for tomorrow: Check out this video from Team Huckabee, asking supporters to max out their credit cards, up to the $2,300 campaign limit, to produce "the most successful and exciting fundraising day in Huckabee campaign history." Pastor Mike assures his flock that God is on his side: "Let's make sure we don't lose this great land of ours because we were more interested being on the stage than we were being on our knees to salvage a great, great land, given by God..." Let's call it Huck's heavenly economic stimulus package.

Ron Paul nabs Arlo's endorsement! Move over, Obama and Ted Kennedy, Huckabee and Chuck Norris, McCain and Sylvester Stallone--Ron Paul snagged the endorsement of legendary singer-songwriter, Arlo Guthrie Tuesday. The creator of "Alice's Restaurant" opined, "Dr. Paul is the only candidate I know of who would have signed the Constitution of The United States had he been there." Given his anti-war stance, we wonder if he'd have signed the Declaration of Independence.

Curb your enthusiasm and call for Hillary after the big game: California Field Director, Michael Trujillo, is asking California supporters to BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) to Superbowl parties Sunday so they can make calls for Hillary after the game. With Superbowl Sunday ranking as one of the heaviest beer drinking days of the year, and with either Giants or Patriots fans in mourning, those calls should be most interesting: "Hullo, thish ish Sham Shpade calling for Hillary Clinton. She'sh a shwell pershon and would make a great preshident."

Craig Romney peddles second place shirt: In a weird parallel to his father's fading campaign, the Mitt web page entrepreneurial son as announced he's "quickly selling out of the winning limited edition Mitt Romney t-shirt design," and has turned to "Limited Edition 2.0." In fact, he adds, "I may just make the 3rd place design available as well..." As for his father's campaign, we can't wait to hear his next limited edition message.

Where common-sense folks roam: The Huckster told a crowd in Missouri, "We believe people in Missouri are kind of common-sense folks, like we try to be in Arkansas." Given what we used to hear from Arkansas wingnuts, it seems they haven't tried very hard.


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