Man Denied First-Class Seat Because His Tracksuit Was "Too Casual" (VIDEO)

Another day, another customer service screw-up for United Airlines.

(Check out the hilarious "United Break Guitars" video here.)

As reports, a Maryland man claims a United Airlines gate agent refused to let him take his seat in first class because his outfit, a Puma tracksuit, didn't meet the dress code. On October 26, Armando Alvarez, a vice president at Best Buy, was flying from Dulles International to Connecticut for business. A frequent flyer, Alvarez received a free upgrade to first class on the flight, but when the gate agent saw what he was wearing, he told him he "wasn't properly dressed" for first class and revoked the upgrade.

Not surprisingly, Alvarez was incensed.

Read the entire story at here or WATCH their report:

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