Armie Hammer And His New Mohawk Haircut Are Isolating In Cayman Islands

The "Call Me By Your Name" star's new look gave off a "Tiger King" vibe to some commenters.

Actor Armie Hammer and his family are holed up in the Cayman Islands riding out the coronavirus pandemic. Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, his wife, wrote on Instagram Thursday that the family arrived early for a spring break vacation and stayed for safety once travel restrictions were imposed.

She praised Cayman authorities for their strict measures to contain the virus. But they couldn’t stop Armie Hammer’s new mohawk haircut.

Nothing could.

“Killing the game,” he wrote in an Instagram post of his handiwork.

The “Call Me By Your Name” star has had social media buzzing over his haircuts before ― and debuting his extra ’do this week did the same.

“Is this Oliver’s look for the sequel?” one commenter joked, referring to his character in “Call Me By Your Name.”

“You look like you could be one of Joe Exotic’s husbands,” another cracked, alluding to the twice-married “Tiger King” star.

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