Armie Hammer Had An Epic Response To Zoë Kravitz's Peachy Impeachment Post For Trump

Kravitz's post put Hammer in mind of a certain saucy moment in "Call Me By Your Name."

Zoë Kravitz had some choice words for President Donald Trump in the wake of his impeachment in the House of Representatives this week.

On Thursday, the actor shared a topless image of herself biting into a peach with the caption: “eat that, 45 🍑”

Trump’s name has appeared alongside the peach emoji quite a lot in the past few weeks, as the fruit has become an unofficial symbol of impeachment on social media.

In response to Kravitz’s post, actor Armie Hammer commented with a cheeky nod to his film “Call Me By Your Name.”

Hammer called on Timothée Chalamet, his co-star in that movie, to show Kravitz “how to do this properly...”


That’s a winking reference to the famous scene where Chalamet’s character, Elio, ejaculates into a peach while thinking of Hammer’s character, Oliver. In the original novel, Oliver eats the peach after Elio is finished with it.

A more G-rated visual of the moment can be seen below (with an impeachment twist!):

At any rate, we hope celebrities never stop using Instagram.

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