Armless Ping Pong Player Video: Ibrahim Elhoseny Wows During Table Tennis Match (VIDEO)

This video may not be new, but the power of its message will never be old.

In this incredible clip, watch as Ibrahim Elhoseny, an Egyptian table tennis player, competes during a match at the African Championships.

Unlike his opponent, Elhoseny has no arms. But his skill with the ping pong paddle is nothing short of astounding. As noted on Friday, Elhoseny "uses his foot to serve and his mouth to volley."

"Never say never again," is the video's apt title, uploaded to YouTube in September. According to the video description, the match shown in the clip was played between Elhoseny and South Africa's Johan du Plooy in 2011.

"He shows us why everything is possible," wrote "Doxolve," who uploaded the clip.

Though it's been a few months since the video was first posted, the clip seems to be experiencing a bit of a viral resurgence this week, with sites like MSN and sharing the video with its viewers.