For Magazine Covers, Armpits Are The New Black (PHOTOS)

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Two new magazine covers came out today, which we spotted on Fashion Gone Rogue: Ashley Greene posing on the December issue of FLARE, and Aymeline Valade posing for the January cover of Vogue Japan.

The ladies look gorgeous, but we couldn't help but notice one thing: there's some serious pit flashing going on in both of these covers.

What's the deal with the pit posing, ladies? Are underarms the new toe cleavage? Are you just trying to air things out? Are we all going to be walking around baring sideboob this winter? Brrr.

Though it seems extra buzzy right now, it turns out underarm flaunting cover shoots have a long history. Check out our retrospective slideshow of some of our favorite magazine covers from over the years. It looks like everyone waxed except for Mr. Franco.

models and armpits