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Armstrong Baillie, 'The Good Giraffe,' Does Good Deeds All Over Scotland

Armstrong Baillie is sticking his neck out for a good cause.

Twice a week for the past six months, the 32-year-old Scotland native has dressed up in an elaborate homemade giraffe costume and carried out random acts of kindness, the BBC reports.

good giraffed dundee scotland

Calling himself "the Good Giraffe," Baillie, has cleaned up litter, handed out free coffee, cleaned animal shelter cages, and even bought gifts for needy children.

“I give out cards with my phone number and ask people to text me ideas," the Good Giraffe told the Edinburgh Evening News.

He said the idea first came to him when he happened upon a man in a gorilla suit playing the drums.

"I decided to get my own costume," he told the paper, "but I went for a giraffe as it’s my favorite animal. I think it suits my personality too -- my head is in the clouds but my heart is in the right place.”

The Good Giraffe has been spotted not only in his home city of Dundee, but also in Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Forfar, the Black Isle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Baillie is currently unemployed, but busks with his kazoo and djembe drum in order to raise money for his good deeds.

"It would be good to get sponsors so I could make this my full-time occupation," he told HuffPost UK.

Last week, the Good Giraffe started a blog detailing his adventures and invites readers to comment and suggest more good deeds.