Army Harlem Shake Video: Norway Soldiers' Moves Go Viral

WATCH: Norwegian Soldiers Show Off Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake videos are going viral all over the place. This kid and his dad gyrated while mom was out of the house. These people flopped around a lot, too.

And now, even the Norwegian military is getting in on the dance craze.

This video, posted to YouTube, allegedly shows a Norwegian military unit breaking it down in the most ridiculous fashion possible. Watch for yourself: A couple of guys wriggle around in sleeping-bag cocoons. Another guy falls out of a window. And one shirtless soldier keeps doing the sprinkler like nobody's watching.

Best of all, the video's uploader, Kenneth Håkonsen, is a man of many talents. A user by the same name on Twitter explains:

It seems with the Harlem Shake, there are no rules -- just dance moves. According to Know Your Meme, the storied dance simply "involves pivoting the shoulder out while popping the other shoulder out at the same time."

When reached for confirmation of his ownership of the video, Håkonsen gave a colorful response:

It's going down, indeed.

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