Arne Duncan Stays, Scientology Almost Made It Into No Child Left Behind? Ed Tonight

And You Thought Creationism Was Bad? According to a new book, No Child Left Behind could have been a heck of a lot, well, weirder. Reports Vulture: Tom Cruise "tried to convince President George W. Bush's Secretary of Education Rod Paige to include Hubbard's 'study tech' educational methods into No Child Left Behind." Ya hear that? NCLB could have included things like scientology. It makes Rick Santorum's creationism amendment look tame by comparison! (h/t GothamSchools)

No Buses In New York? It's official. Starting Wednesday, bus drivers in the nation's largest school district will go on strike, report the Wall Street Journal's Rachel Cromidas and Lisa Fleisher. Why? "Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181, which represents drivers and matrons, wants the city to force private bus companies to hire drivers based on seniority, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it would be illegal to include that requirement in new contracts," WSJ reports.

More Arne, Please! To reiterate: yes, Arne Duncan is staying on as Barack Obama's second-term education secretary.

Charter Change In Tennessee? The Tennessee state legislature is looking at a major change in charter school authorization law. Under current law, local school boards decide which charter schools get the green light. But under the new measure, written by the Tennessee Charter Schools Association, those questions would be up to the state.