Arnold Schwarzenegger's Character In 'Expendables 3' May Be Gay, Hints Director

A recent interview with "Expendables 3" director Patrick Hughes has left the Internet wondering: does Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the film share an intimate relationship with the character played by Jet Li?

A buried tidbit in the interview references a moment towards the end of the film when the pair are told to "get a room."

And then there are the glorious moments of subversion: Late in the film, Schwarzenegger’s Trench and Jet Li’s Yin Yang get cozy at the Expendables’ go-to bar. Stallone ribs them: “Get a room.” But then the two seize the moment, nuzzling each other while laughing it off. Did the former-Governator just silently flip off Prop 8? Are two of the Expendables together by the end of the movie? “I believe they are,” Hughes says, like he just got away with something amazing.

While this certainly could be interpreted in multiple ways, a romance between the pair would add an interesting element of complexity to the "Expendables" series -- especially considering its intended audience.

This isn't the first possible queer revelation in a popular entertainment series to make the rounds on the Internet over the past week. In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman hinted that the character Darryl Dixon may, in fact, be revealed to be gay as the series progresses.

Head here to read the full interview with Hughes.



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